Here are the insane masterminds behind Hoven and all it is and will become!

Hey there! My name is Bradley Elam, AKA the creator of Hoven Indies and this site! I'm the dashing fellow on the left in this photo! That's Johntron on the right btw. I can't thank you enough for showing interest in Hoven by paying our site and checking out our stuff! I hope you enjoy your stay and also hope you enjoy Hoven the Sages Spinel! Don't be afraid to contact me or my partners! Have a blessed day!

This good fellow is Colton Bone, AKA DjEnob! He is the guy behind the amazing soundtrack for Hoven the Sages Spinel and many more projects to come I can assure you! You can hear some of the tracks he has done on the Home screen! So definitely give them a go!